Parker has acquired Scilog and new products in the field of laboratory and biopharmaceutical industry.

Single use sensors for
• Pressure
• Conductivity
• Temperature

Their unique characteristics :
• Pre-calibrated
• NIST-Traceable
• Certified calibration
• Gamma-stable
• Autoclavable & NaOH stable
• Performance tested

SciLog’s laboratory products
• FilterTec: normal flow filtration
• FilterTec Plus: filter studies
• ChemTec: metering
• LabTec: dispensing
• MabTec: bioreactor feeding and harvesting
• PureTec: tangential flow filtration

All lab-scale products can be integrated into larger systems.
Their main applications:

• Dead-end filtration system
• Filterability studies and Vmax determination
• Real-time data collection of 15 filtration parameters and graphs
• Serial or parallel filter trains with 3 pressure sensor hook-ups
• Increased DEF filter utilization up to 35%
• Safe, walk-away system operation
• Compatible with ALL manufacturers filters !

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