Valairdata 3 is the new improved instrument from Parker Domnick hunter for the integrity testing of sterile gas filters with unique features

  • Tests the integrity of sterile gas filters quickly and easily.
  • Fully automated aerosol challenge test instrument.
  • Current evolution of Parker domnick hunter’s unique gas filter integrity testing.

VALAIRDATA 3 offers the following advantages and benefits to the end user:

  1. Speed
    • Valairdata 3 test time is much quicker than liquid based tests – seconds vs minutes.
  2. Accuracy
    •Aerosol challenge is fully recognised by the PDA report 40 for testing sterile gas filters.
  3. Portability
    • The unit can be hand carried to the test filter for in-situ testing:
    • Lightweight 8Kg.
    • Long-life battery.
  4. Secure data storage
    • Test details are held securely inside the unit.
    • Data transfer is by USB port – so no software is required.
    • For secure version, this is FDA compliant to 21 CFR

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