GeoMAREA (Gamma-ray spectometer for in-situ MARine Environmental Applications

ITO LTD, in cooperation with the Marine Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (MERL-HCMR) and the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics of the National Technical University of Athens (LNP-NTUA), has successfully completed the project “Research and development of an in-situ underwater gamma-ray spectrometer for low-level radioactivity measurements” (Code: 12CHN212), in the frame [...]

Parker domnick hunter Mitos products

Parker domnickunter together with Mitos can now offer Customised single-use assemblies. The Parker domnick hunter single use technology is combined with the unique offerings from Mitos • Valves • Molded manifolds • Tubings • Bioprocess containers • Mixers • Connectors With the above combination Parker domnickhunter is able to provide complete customized filtration solutions and [...]

Parker domnick hunter Scilog

Parker has acquired Scilog and new products in the field of laboratory and biopharmaceutical industry. Single use sensors for • Pressure • Conductivity • Temperature Their unique characteristics : • Pre-calibrated • NIST-Traceable • Certified calibration • Gamma-stable • Autoclavable & NaOH stable • Performance tested SciLog’s laboratory products • FilterTec: normal flow filtration • [...]


Valairdata 3 is the new improved instrument from Parker Domnick hunter for the integrity testing of sterile gas filters with unique features Tests the integrity of sterile gas filters quickly and easily. Fully automated aerosol challenge test instrument. Current evolution of Parker domnick hunter’s unique gas filter integrity testing. VALAIRDATA 3 offers the following advantages [...]