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Bottled water

From factory to factory, every bottled water process is different depending upon the category and branding of the finished bottled product, the local legislation of the intended market and the source of the water itself.

Our company with the cooperation of Parker domnick hunter provides total filtration solutions which are supported through a structured pre and after sales program. This approach ensures that tailored filtration solutions are provided, which meet the specific performance criteria required by a given process. Through a program of technical analysis supported by Parker domnick hunter, we work together with our customers. Continued process optimization is our duty.

All the major processes of a water bottling industry can be served by our products:

  • Final stabilization

  • Pre-stabilization

  • Clarification

  • Gas sterilization and vent filters

  • Water utilities

  • Gas utilities

Please follow below link for an overview of our guide for products and services for the winemaking industry

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