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Blue Bubbles

About ITO 

ITO LTD aims to deliver high quality products, systems and services for the filtration, separation, purification and distribution of fluids within the life sciences, food & beverage, industrial processing and microelectronics markets :


  • On-Site gas generation

  • Compressed air and gas filtration

  • Process gas and liquid filtration and purification

  • Gas distribution systems

  • Diaphragm compressors

The above task is supported by a 20 year experience of our employees in the specific fields combined with the cooperation of leading equipment manufacturers
Our mission is to help our customers maximize the productivity and profitability of their manufacturing and process operations, adding real and lasting value to their final products.
ITO is a certified distributor for Parker domnick hunter, Oxymat, PDC Machines, Systech Instruments.

Get in Touch

Plapouta 89, Neo Iraklio,
Τ.Κ.14121 Athens, Greece

Phone: +30, +30

Fax: +30 210 28.50.234, +30 210 28.36.771



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